Thursday, June 10, 2010

MsMilinda2.0 Loves TV

In my premiere episode in new media, my 1st Dreamer & Doer is a multi-talented soldier by the name of Jared Morgan. He introduced me to this "TV" clip but we originally met a year ago during the Army Soldier's Show
Since then, he's produced a reality show sensation on

The "Sneak Peek Six" is the MsMilinda2.0KISS (Keepin' It Simple Sexy! xoxo) which is an interview of this visual genius.

1. Why did you join the Army?
I joined the Army for a free college education.

2. What's the update on 120?
We are looking at a straight to DVD documentary deal.

3. Do you have a favorite quote, hero, or film you want the world to know about your taste?
"Without a plan there is no attack. Without attack, no victory."

4. List any favorite charities you support personally
Boy Scouts of America

5. Define what is a dreamer and a doer?
Someone who does stuff instead of talking about it.

6. What do you think MsMilinda2.0 means?
New and improved update? Am I still running version 1.0?

For more information on this Dreamer, check out his website

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