Monday, January 10, 2011

1 Million Fans & counting...

Happy New Year

MsMilinda2.0 Resolutions' theme "Honor and Remember Heaven-N-2011"

Starting 01-11-11, I am recruiting up to ONE Million New Honor and Remember Twitter Fans and / or Petition Signatures in order to pass the Congressional Bill H.R. 1034

How can YOU help?

First, log onto and Follow ASAP and then tell your friend, family member, or just about ANYONE with a good heart

or better yet, check out and add your name to the list 2day!

FYI: As a true Gold Star sister, I will always do my best to honor and remember our heroes like my brother SSG LeRoy Alexander (K.I.A. June 3, 2005).

Moving 4ward here's an update on My So Called Life documentary... 85,000 YouTube clips from over 200 countries...I am so happy 2 report that one of MsMilinda2.0TV's un-edited YouTube clips became a Top100 Hours Finalist!!!

Here's the official trailer & preview - directed by Oscar winning director Kevin Macdonald & producer Ridley Scott

Please mark your calenders for global broadcast on 5PM PST on Thursday, January 27, 2011