Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Talk Live: Honor and Remember - White House edition

Meet Gold Star Father, Creator, and Founder George Lutz of

Together along with the staff at / ABC7 / CH.8 News reported on our efforts to bring awareness of Congressional Bill of H.R. 546

As of Friday, February 25, 2011, Honor and Remember, Inc. has 45,704 petition signatures

and 297 Twitter followers

Stay tuned for Super Bowl Super-sized Adventures - coming soon as our staff is currently in edit-mode.  God bless America and especially our military families.  #GetWellSoonMsMilinda2.0

Monday, January 10, 2011

1 Million Fans & counting...

Happy New Year

MsMilinda2.0 Resolutions' theme "Honor and Remember Heaven-N-2011"

Starting 01-11-11, I am recruiting up to ONE Million New Honor and Remember Twitter Fans and / or Petition Signatures in order to pass the Congressional Bill H.R. 1034

How can YOU help?

First, log onto and Follow ASAP and then tell your friend, family member, or just about ANYONE with a good heart

or better yet, check out and add your name to the list 2day!

FYI: As a true Gold Star sister, I will always do my best to honor and remember our heroes like my brother SSG LeRoy Alexander (K.I.A. June 3, 2005).

Moving 4ward here's an update on My So Called Life documentary... 85,000 YouTube clips from over 200 countries...I am so happy 2 report that one of MsMilinda2.0TV's un-edited YouTube clips became a Top100 Hours Finalist!!!

Here's the official trailer & preview - directed by Oscar winning director Kevin Macdonald & producer Ridley Scott

Please mark your calenders for global broadcast on 5PM PST on Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My So Called Life on July 24th, 2010 - Coming Soon

JULY 24, 2010 - the start of my 1st Film Making Project

In about 3-days, I will embark on another New Media Journey. I'm extremely nervous, excited, hopeful, and passionate in educating the world about our fallen heroes.

Some of the guidelines or questions to answer include:

What do I love?
What do I fear?
What makes me laugh?
What's in my pocket? Is there a story behind any of the objects found?

The Inspiration

LG = Life's Good

Ridley Scott

Stay tuned :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MsMilinda2.0 Loves TV

In my premiere episode in new media, my 1st Dreamer & Doer is a multi-talented soldier by the name of Jared Morgan. He introduced me to this "TV" clip but we originally met a year ago during the Army Soldier's Show
Since then, he's produced a reality show sensation on

The "Sneak Peek Six" is the MsMilinda2.0KISS (Keepin' It Simple Sexy! xoxo) which is an interview of this visual genius.

1. Why did you join the Army?
I joined the Army for a free college education.

2. What's the update on 120?
We are looking at a straight to DVD documentary deal.

3. Do you have a favorite quote, hero, or film you want the world to know about your taste?
"Without a plan there is no attack. Without attack, no victory."

4. List any favorite charities you support personally
Boy Scouts of America

5. Define what is a dreamer and a doer?
Someone who does stuff instead of talking about it.

6. What do you think MsMilinda2.0 means?
New and improved update? Am I still running version 1.0?

For more information on this Dreamer, check out his website

In the meantime if you would liked to be blogged, please email all serious inquiries to Thanks.